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Ease of Banking Program

Benefits to Your Bank

Branch Alternative

Centaur's Ease of Banking Program is a cost-effective way to expand your market presence without brick and mortar.  Our unique courier service operates as an extension of your bank, providing traditional banking services in a nontraditional fashion.


Manage Risk

Once enrolled in the Ease of Banking Program, Centaur will assume the inherit risk and liability of operating a courier service.  With Centaur as your courier provider, your bank is buffered against potential risks such as:


  • Workers compensation cost and exposure
  • Deposit loss liability
  • Reputation damage

Spoil Your Customers

Looking for a unique way to service your best clients?  Exceed your top customer's expectations by offering them the convenience and reliability of Centaur's courier solution.


With the Ease of Banking Program you can bring your bank's products and services directly to your customers.  The exceptional customer service delivered through Centaur will help to establish and maintain long term relationships between your bank and your customers.


Ease of Banking Program:
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