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Ease of Banking Program


Centaur’s Ease of Banking Program is a custom designed, professionally managed bank courier service. With the Ease of Banking Program, Centaur owns, operates, and manages the courier service for the bank. Once enrolled in the program, Centaur will assume the inherent risk and liability of the day-to-day operations, while providing a highly personalized, professional courier service.

The Ease of Banking Program provides everything your bank needs to add a dedicated, customer service driven courier service to your product mix. This includes:
  • Courier implementation process
  • Courier client scheduling and routing logistics
  • Courier client activity tracking and reporting (CRIS software)
  • Courier client contracts
  • Deposit audit trail process
  • Insurance & bonding (both cash and checks/securities)
  • Personnel management
  • Vehicle acquisition, licensing and maintenance
The Ease of Banking Program is a proven and reliable service that allows our clients to focus on what they do best - managing their banks. Explore the benefits and solutions offered through our Ease of Banking Program and learn about the program’s straight forward, yet thorough implementation process.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on how we may assist you in building a successful bank courier program, please contact us.

Ease of Banking Program:
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