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Why Centaur?

Comprehensive Insurance

Centaur’s courier insurance has been designed to protect your customer’s monies and securities in the event they are lost, stolen or destroyed. This is the broadest form of crime coverage available for money and securities, and includes protection for both on and off premise losses.

Centaur’s employees are fully insured to carry cash. Our coverage provides for the reimbursement of lost monies in accordance with the policies limits after missing contents are verified.

Non-Negotiable Checks and Securities
Centaur’s employees are fully insured to carry non-negotiable checks and securities. Once missing contents are verified, our coverage provides for the reimbursement of, but not limited to, stop payments, reissue of checks, loss of interest, and payroll costs incurred during the reconstruction process in accordance with the policy limits.

Employee Dishonesty Bond
All of our employees are fully bonded. This coverage protects your customers deposits in the event that an employee commits a fraudulent or dishonest act, which results in the loss of money, securities, or property.

Why Centaur?:
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