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Why Centaur?

Professional Staff

To our bank’s business customers, the courier is often perceived as a direct extension of the bank. For this reason, professionalism and representing the bank in a manner consistent with their own customer service philosophy is a top priority.

To ensure that our employees meet these high standards, Centaur employs the following measures:

  • All prospective employees are phone screened, interviewed in person, and introduced to the bank prior to being hired.

  • Centaur implements a dress code consistent with the bank's standards; Either semi-professional, or business casual.

  • Employees are thoroughly trained in our audit trail procedures, and shadow an experienced driver prior to running a route solo.

  • Employees are educated on the importance of professionalism when interacting with the bank's clients.

It is because of this commitment to professionalism that Centaur can offer our customers peace of mind through the Ease of Banking Program.

Why Centaur?:
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