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Why Centaur?

Dedicated Service

While other courier services may intermingle your customer’s deposit pickups with pickups for other banks or businesses, Centaur’s Ease of Banking Program is a fully dedicated courier service.

As a dedicated courier service, our staff will operate as an extension of your bank - providing our services for your customers only.

Advantages of a dedicated courier service include:
  • Reliable and consistent service
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your customer’s banking needs
  • Ability to accommodate changes in your customer’s pickup schedules, such as extra pickups or cancellations
  • Ability to accommodate additional bank courier needs, such as marketing/promotional deliveries
  • Ability to design routes to fit your bank’s specific needs such as early cut-off times, staggered work loads, etc.
The Ease of Banking Program, providing dedicated service for you and your customers.

Why Centaur?:
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