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Ease of Banking Program


From the moment you decide to add the Ease of Banking Program to your product mix, to the first deposit that is picked up, Centaur will be there to walk you through each step of the implementation process. Centaur’s courier implementation process includes:

      Bank Integration

  • Introduction to Ease of Banking Program
  • Establish internal procedures; discuss marketing strategies
  • Identify Centaur-Bank Liaison
  • Finalize Start Date

      Marketing / Courier Service Pre-Sell


  • Conduct phone screening
  • Conduct initial interviews
  • Meet and greet with bank staff
  • Hire courier staff

      Staff Preparation

  • Procedures training
  • CRIS software training

      Vehicle Procurement

      Courier Startup

  • Develop routes
  • Complete dry runs - introduce Centaur staff to bank customers
  • Execute live runs


Ease of Banking Program:
Overview  |  Benefits to Your Bank  |  Solutions Offered  |  Implementation