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Courier Reporting & Information System (CRIS)

Activity Reporting

Want to find out how many pickups you made last week, last month, or even last year? Generating this information is easy with CRIS. Simply input the desired date range, choose the desired customer types, and select OK. CRIS will instantly generate a complete Activity Report so you can quickly analyze how your courier is being utilized.

CRIS Activity Reporting provides:

Report Details
  • Customer name
  • Billing Account number
  • Total Pickups by customer
  • Customer Pickup Schedule
  • All additional pickups
  • All canceled pickups
  • Billing comments

Report Recap
  • Total Scheduled Pickups by customer type
  • Total Additions by customer type
  • Total Cancellations by customer type
  • Total Adjusted Pickups
  • Total Number of customers
  • Total number of new customers added during report dates
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Activity Report Details Example

Activity Report Recap Example