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Courier Reporting & Information System (CRIS)

Activity Adjustments

Keeping track of your pickups is key to understanding and analyzing your courier program. With CRIS, not only can you create a scheduled route, but you can also easily make and track any changes to a customer’s pickup schedule by using activity adjustments.

  • Additional Pickups
    If a customer requires an additional pickup, simply choose Add Adjustment sand input the date and time of the pickup from the Activity Adjustments screen. CRIS will then automatically add the customer to your route sheet, and increase the customers pickup count accordingly.

  • Cancellations
    Similarly, if a customer cancels a pickup, choose Cancel in the Activity Adjustments tab and input the date and time of the cancellation. CRIS will automatically cancel the customer on your route sheet, and decrease the customers pickup count accordingly.

  • Track Supplies And Other Items
    With CRIS, you can easily create your own adjustment codes. If you need to keep track of supplies delivered through the courier, simply create a unique code for it and track your deliveries.

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CRIS makes it easy to accurately track all of your courier client pickups.