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Courier Reporting & Information System (CRIS)

Management Reports

Whether you have one route or one hundred, managing your courier clients can be a logistics headache. To ease this process, CRIS offers over 30 reports designed to help users develop, analyze, and refine their courier clients and their routes.

Reports Include:
  • Route Sheet
    A daily listing of scheduled clients, sorted by pickup time. Includes space for driver name, items picked up, total items picked up, and delivery verification.

  • Export Customer Listing
    Your courier customer information can easily exported into an Excel file. This data can then be manipulated and developed into customized reports, or imported into a variety of mapping programs.

  • Load Report
    Displays total number of pickups by time and day of the week. This report makes it easy for users to determine the heaviest and lightest pickup times, and days of the week.

  • Customer Listing by Zip
    Displays each customer and their pickup information grouped by area code. This report is helpful for increasing route efficiency and determining the correct route and pickup time for new clients.

  • All Routes for All Customers
    A complete listing of your customers - in addition to this report, you will have several reports that provide you with up to date information about customers in your courier program.

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